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No Room For Bill Splashme - The Trojan Lapdog - On UCLA's Bandwagon

It is happening again. If you open the LA Times sports section today you will find LA's resident village idiot trying desperately to jump on UCLA's bandwagon again. Let's make it simple. We don't want to see any link to Splashme's latest drivel anywhere on Bruins Nation and here is why.

Here is another another reminder who was to blame was screwing with our mojo when we started the season 3-0.  The blame falls squarely on the shoulder of Bill Splashme who tried to jump on UCLA's bandwagon after we beat KSU. Does everyone here also remember what happened following Splashme's epic effort jump on our bandwagon back in 2001 right before the Stanford game?

So not this time. Not now.  Here is to breaking the Splashme Curse next Saturday. We will definitely be the underdogs next weekend at the Mosoleum. However, the pressure of the entire world is going to be on Chetey Petey and his showboating bunch who will be looking to salvage another underachieving season.I am glad Splashme thinks we have some momentum but we don't want him anywhere near our team. That Trojan lapdog needs to stick with his Trojan overlords, he has been busy defending for almost a decade. Screw Splashme. Beat '$C*.