WTH? UCLA Schedules Beat $C* Bonfire During Ben Ball?

The "planners" at UCLA scheduled our Beat $C* bonfire during tonight's Ben Ball. According to the "What's Bruin Blog" from the official site linked below, it is scheduled for tonight at 9:30 pm PST. Just a slight problem with that "scheduling." The basketball game against Pepperdine tips off at 8:06 pm PST. Seriously who did this scheduling? Did that person have any kind of common sense? Heck of a job guys. You completely let down our football program by failing to generate any kind of interest around senior day (as evidenced by the joke attendance figures over the weekend). Can't get scheduling of huge tourney games of non-revenue sports program right. And, now you pull this garbage. It's like these guys are working OT to gin up bad karma for this weekend. The incompetency is beyond surreal. GO BRUINS.Who screwed this up? Scheduling a Beat $C Bonfire During Ben Ball?

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