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Beat SC Football Podcast Open Thread (5 pm PST)

It's the City Championship and with it, beloved Beat SC week. What better way to get the UCLA juices flowing than with a good UCLA football podcast. The Bruins are bowl eligible thanks to their win over Arizona St. last weekend and we'll recap everything from that win at the Rose Bowl. We'll also spend plenty of the time previewing the Bruins clash with the Trojans. Where do the Bruins hold an edge and where do the Trojans hold an edge? How do the two teams matchup and what are the keys to a UCLA victory. We'll even dabble in what is an unbelievably complicated possible bowl scenario for UCLA.

We'll also take any calls you have. You just need to follow these four steps:

1) Call (724) 444-7444

2) Enter the Call ID 65238 and press # afterward

3) When asked for your PIN, press 1#

4) Talk to us! 

The USC game is always a special one so if you want to contribute with your favorite stories from the UCLA-SC rivalry, have at it. You can call in or you can use this, your open thread, to share with us.