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ND's arrest on Friday has made for a great weekend for everyone who enjoys speculating and making up different situations (I won't call them strawmen arguments, since they are at least partially valid) with which they can support their view. Some people have both intentionally or unconsciously linked their dislike for ND's basketball performance with what they felt should be the proper response to ND's legal situation.

Thankfully, now we finally have some concrete facts to evaluate and move forward on. The LA Times reported today the district attorney's view of the event:

According to prosecutors, Stanisic [ND's friend] began arguing with another man and his girlfriend during the concert by Daniel Johnston. Afterward, Dragovic allegedly rushed the victim and pushed him into the case, prosecutors said. As the two men were on the ground, Stanisic allegedly began punching the victim until security and bystanders broke up the fight, prosecutors said.

Unsurprisingly, ND's attorney has a different view of the event:

Telling another side to the story, Artz said the man followed Dragovic out of the Henry Fonda Theater and allegedly claimed to have a knife.

"He was the aggressor," Artz said. "He was drinking heavily. He slapped Dragovic's roommate."

Now, I'm not a criminal defense attorney or a prosecutor (and don't really want to go on westlaw to look it up, but if someone does, by all means go for it), but if I remember Crim Law correctly, it would appear that the reason that ND was charged with a felony here was because of the glass case (which shattered) is an instrumentality that could cause substantial bodily harm. If ND had merely pushed the other guy (I'm not using victim or assailant for anyone involved in this situation purposefully) into a wall or to the floor, this would likely have just been seen as a bar fight where both sides were told to go home and that would have been the end of it. I also think it is a strong possibility that the whole "athletes are targets" situation could have arisen here with the other guy realizing after the fight who ND was, although the other guy have just been a drunk who wanted to start a fight with anyone.

My early suspicions that ND was not the aggressor or was a 50-50 participant stemming from his coming to CBH afterward and filing a police report seem to have been confirmed. So anyone had the more outlandish stories about ND going around beating people up and stealing their lunch money, I'm sorry to say you may have lost the office pool.

I think what CBH has done so far in suspending ND for these first two games is appropriate. However, a case like this can take a long time (basketball season wise) and I do not think it warrants an indefinite suspension. If ND is convicted, then by all means, kick him off the team (I don't think there is a need to revoke his scholarship when he is in his senior year). This case seems pretty weak from the sparce facts that we know, and I would hate to see a kid (yes, he is still a kid in college who make mistakes) lose out on his senior year of school and basketball because he defended a friend. True, maybe he shouldn't be hanging out with friends who get in fights, but for any of the holyer-than-thou people who were quick to bash ND, be honest with yourself and I'm sure you either have been in that situation before or know of people who have, before villifying ND. CBH has never given me a reason to doubt his character, so whatever he decides to do with the situation, I will support.

Anyways, off to Pauley. Hoping that JK, RN, and BL all make the most of the opportunity they have been given and make the possiblity of ND coming back a luxury and not a necessity, much like LaMychel James did for Oregon football with LeGarrette Blount.

Go Bruins!

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