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Center Court: Ben Ball (Pepperdine) Open Thread

Lost amidst all the drama around Nikola Dragovic, we have some Ben Ball action tonight. It's the third regular game of the season for 1-1 UCLA Bruins against 1-2 Pepperdine Wavers. Given the inexperience of our Ben Ball warriors, everyone of these pre-season games take on a certain sense of urgency because they are all invaluable for Coach Howland to prep our guys for a tough conference season.

Since Dragovic is going to be out for the second straight game, JK is going to get the start. He had a great game in his last outing as many thought he was our MVP in Bruins' first win of the season. We are going to need JK more than ever (along with MR) to bring some senior leadership in our team and settle down the underclassmen by playing steady on both ends of the court. Speaking of steady, we will also be looking for improvements from both JA and ML in our backcourt. If you want to read up on some more game day notes you can read a roundup here.

Tip off is scheduled for 8:00 pm PST (which means if you are on campus and want to make it to the Beat $C* bonfire which starts at 9:30 pm PST ... well I don't know what to tell you). It will broadcast live on FS West. You can also follow the game via official game tracker over here. For those who are following the game along this open thread, as always please free to share updates and scores so that other BNers across the nation who might not be fortunate enough to get live broadcast can follow along the fun. Here is to our guys building on what they showed in (sustained) flashes during second half of our last game.

So let's get this party started. Fire away.