Bruin Bear "Security Force" Offers Weak/Pathetic Response To Their Screwup

Talk about a joke response mucking up a collossal screwup even more (emphasis added):

The incident that occurred with the Bruin Bear is extremely unfortunate. However, due to the combination of finals week, Thanksgiving weekend, and the UC regents’ tuition increase, our committee decided that the purpose of Bruin Bear Security Force would be best served this year as a celebratory event rather than defense mechanism. Given the fact that the Bruin Bear was not vandalized last year, when Bruin Bear Security Force did not happen at all, we felt that not only was it was unrealistic to ask students to camp out all night, but that this new theme would be more beneficial to them during this time of financial struggle. Furthermore, because Blue and Gold week was cut down to Blue and Gold Day, the need for a spirited event was even greater.

Ultimately, we believe that this was the best decision. Our event had the best turnout in years, with over a thousand students coming in throughout the night, and we received extremely positive feedback. Although investing late hours of the night to vandalize our Bruin Bear is important to certain USC students, we believe that our student constituency has more important priorities such as trying to find means to pay for college, doing well academically, and trying to balance the many responsibilities in their lives.

Thank you to those that came out to show their dedication and pride to UCLA.

- Elaine Daneshrad, Bruin Bear Security Force Co Director

Get that? Apparently, there are "more important priorities" for Elaine Daneshrad's bunch then protecting the Bruin during Beat $C* week. Guess UCLA-U$C* game is not all that big of a deal for Ms. Daneshard. Geez, where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, from none other than Mr. Taylor Mays. Perhaps those two can go out on a dinner date this week talk about Apple Cup, classical music, classes over candle light dinner. They can discuss how this game doesn't mean all that much to them.

Her response is so beyond laughable that it doesn't really merit a point by point response. Many of you have already done it in this thread. What is clear though is that some of these student "leaders" on campus are completely clueless and tondeaf when it comes to appreciating the history of UCLA athletics.

Thankfully we still have alums like JJ Stokes around doing everything they can to keep the fire burning, injecting their passion and love for the four letters that mean so much to rest of us. It's clear from the students actions they couldn't care less. Just pathetic and sad.


UPDATE (M): Apparently, Ms. Daneshrad may not have seen the Daily Bruin article on the BBSF, which had the following quote (emphasis added):

For many, Bruin Bear Security Force was an especially meaningful event at a time when fee increases are a source of great worry for students.

“It’s really cool, especially with all the fee hikes going on, to have something like this that people can do for free and just have fun,” said third-year psychobiology student Jennifer Farzam.

First-year psychobiology student Rudas “Rody” Gebregiorges echoed Farzam’s sentiments.

It’s a time to get away and just indulge in the ’SC rivalry, without any financial worries,” he said.

I understand that showing movies, providing food, and having prize giveaways may cost some money, fine, I get that. I also understand that a lot of students have to work night jobs to help pay their way through school. I did that, too.

BUT, would it really cost all that much to have 3-4 kids camp out there with sleeping bags and a couple of pizzas and vitamin waters keep watch with their personal cellphones and digital cameras in case some $C frat-boys try to go all Home Depot latex-exterior-finish on the Bear? Seriously?!?!?


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