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Center Court: Ben Ball (Portland) Open Thread

Well here we go. We are about to tip off a huge weekend here on BN with Ben Ball and UCLA football. Coach Howland and his Ben Ball warriors take on a 3-0 Portland Pilots team in the 76 Classic tonight at the Anaheim Convention Center.

We are going to watch to see how JA and his team-mates respond against a veteran Pilots bunch. For more on the game you can read up our roundup over here. Bruins will also have Dragovic available for this game as he might see some action off the bench. Here is to our guys playing classic Ben Ball with inspired on ball defense, solid rebounding and patient offense on other side of the court.

Tip off is scheduled for 7:30 pm PST. It will broadcast live on ESPN2 (warning the sleazebag, con-artist, fraudster aka Steve Lavin will providing "color" aka he just might be spouting BS about Bruins). You can also follow the game via official game tracker over here. For those who are following the game along this open thread, as always please free to share updates and scores so that other BNers across the nation who might not be fortunate enough to get live broadcast can follow along the fun.

So let's get this party started on Thanks Giving night. Fire away.