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Center Court: Ben Ball (Portland) Second Half Open Thread

Well UCLA basketball just put together perhaps the worst half in Coach Ben Howland's career in Westwood. They are down by a score of 19-36. Here is the box score if you care to look. Simply put we are looking ugly on fronts. We have absolutely no semblance of offense as our guys are just aimlessly moving around the court without any sense of direction. After all these years we still have no answer on how to handle a zone.

Howland's personnel decisons have been simply awful in the first half. Have no idea why he is obessesed with giving Nikola Draogic so many mins on the court, who has looked absolutely ineffective and clueless on both ends of the court. Absolutely no idea Howland is giving this guy so many mins on the court at the expense of more promising talent on the bench who have shown lot more hustle and desire than what we have seen from Dragovic this season. Also, speaking of ineffective, except of ML our back court looks non-existent.

I have no idea whether UCLA will come back. Right now they looked lost, beaten, confused and more depressingly thoroughly OUTCOACHED. It is disconcerting to say the least. If the Bruins keep this up, forget making the NIT, we might not finish this season with a .500 record. We will give Coach Howland benefit of the doubt given what he has accomplished in his tenure in Westwood. Still there is no excuse for what took place against Cal State Fullerton and the debacle we just had to witness in the first half in Anaheim. Carry on.