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Center Court: Ben Ball (Butler) Open Thread

<em>Will the Bruins show a semblance of Ben Ball defense tonight? Photo Credit: E. Corpuz</em>
Will the Bruins show a semblance of Ben Ball defense tonight? Photo Credit: E. Corpuz

Bruins (we should probably stop referring to stop our guys as "Ben Ball warriors" until they show are worthy of that moniker) are in the losers bracket tonight in Anaheim. They take on number 10 ranked Butler around 8:30 pm PST. It's the last game of the day and by the time they get to tipoff it will probably be around 9:00 pm PST. The game is on ESPNU.

If you want to get a general idea on Butler then don't really have anything encouraging to pass on at this point. The best we can hope for tonight for our guys to show a sense of pride by showing all tenacity and hustle on both sides of the court. Butler Bulldogs are very similar to Portland Pilots, except they are more athletic. They can shoot the three and have a pretty balanced scoring team with three players averaging in double figures. They are probably going to give the Bruins fits with a lot of zone and mixing it up with man-to-man so that they can confuse our back court even more. Everyone is expecting to manhandle our team unless we show a semblance of a pulse. For more on the game check out the preview via SBN's game page and the Sporting News.

So probably a huge chunk of us will not get to watch the game tonight. Not to mention all the BNers out in East Coast and the Midwest, will probably miss the game as well. If you don't have ESPNU you can listen and track via the official site here. If you are watching it, please consider postomg game score updates in our game thread as much as you. That way rest of the BNers who can't follow the game anywhere else can get direct updates from you in our game thread. It will be much appreciated.

Anyway, let's get the threading started. Hey, we have less than 24 hrs to go till the kickoff against Southern Cal. Fire away.