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BN Gameday: Southern Cal Pre-Game Thread

<em>Here is to a great showing by the Den at the Mosoleum. Photo Credit: Telemachus</em>
Here is to a great showing by the Den at the Mosoleum. Photo Credit: Telemachus

Once again I am way too excited to wait till 12:30 pm PST to put up our pre-game thread. We still have more than ten hours go till kickoff tonight. I can't wait to see our guys come out in blue home jerseys at the Mosoleum. For those of you who are heading over to South Central this afternoon please make sure to keep your camera handy. We'd love to get a flavor of the surroundings and your experience no matter what takes place tonight.

Meanwhile, it's a tense rivalry Saturday around the country.Oklahoma is taking on Oklahoma State in their annual "Bedlam" out in Stillwater (Sooners are up 3-0 in their unusual underdog role in this game). Out over here in the Mid-Atlantic/Southern region USC is taking on Clemson, while UNC and UNC and NC State are getting it on near Tobacco road. There is also the battle between Ole Miss and Mississippi State and a big one coming up between Florida and Florida State at 12:30 pm PST. Georgia Tech and Georgia (5 pm PST kickoff) can also keep us pre-occupied at least till our kickoff. Full score board over here.

So enjoy the full Saturday Rivalry slate. Also, if you haven't done it yet make sure you get in your pre-game guess here. We will close that thread up when we post our own game thread around 6:30 pm PST. Have fun.