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Center Court: Ben Ball (Long Beach State) Open Thread

Perhaps our basketball team fill find a way to close up this weekend on a positive note. I am having a hard time putting last night behind me (don't think I will be able to for next 370 days). Still at least for the time being we have to distract ourselves just a little bit as Coach Howland and his team take on Long Beach State 49ers to close out the 76 Classic.

Per bucknellbruin and others who watched the game JA had a little bit of awakening towards the end of the Butler game as he finally looked to have a bit of confidence during the waning moments. Let's hope he can continue to build on it this afternoon. The tipoff is scheduled for 11:30 am PST. I believe will be broadcast on ESPNU. You can track it via the official site. You can also read up a quick preview on the SBN game page.

As always if you are watching the game, share your instant thoughts/commentary here in our game thread. Fire away.