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Remembering Those Images For Next 370 Days

I am throwing this up because I want to have this image and the caption underneath seared into everyone's brain for next 370 days. Again I realize people can raise genuine questions on about some aspects of our coaches' scheme from the offensive side last night (for instance, I am still trying to figure how can someone confused Chane "Train" with a "Cheetah" lol). Yet at the same time, I also believe our coaches game plan was sufficient enough for us to win the game. Watching JetSki fumble in one of his three carries hit home the point why coaches were going with Chane Moline most of the night.

If not for Prince's ill advised throw the score would have been tied at 0-0 at half time (at least 3-0 in our favor if the referees weren't persuaded by the Pom Pom's lobbying and the homer announcers egging it on television). Then in the second half it was Logan Paulsen's brain cramp that forced Prince to scramble in a second long situation leading to the shoulder injury that caused the second pick. Yet despite all that we were in the game closing within 7. If anyone doesn't think this program hasn't taken a step forward from last season and specifically from last year's game against these classless thugs, then he or she has some other agenda.

Is there reason for frustration? Of course there is. Not only were we in the game, but it was there for us to take it. We had multiple opporunities to seize the momentum and just blew it. That makes it hurt even more this am. However, is everything lost? Hardly. What Chetey and his classless thugs did yesterday was send a clear cut signal about how worried they are about the work Rick Neuheisel and his staff have done in Westwood. They are worried enough that they felt compelled to throw that unnecessary bomb and then proceeded on to jump around like animals, raising their collective middle finger not just to the entire Bruin Nation, but to the world of college athletics.

While folks here have every right to be angry and disgusted with those scumbags from cross town, I'd advise to adopt the frame proposed by BlueMe this am:

Now, the focus should be getting better. It starts with a possible bowl game and ending the season on a positive note. Then it continues in the living rooms of recruits, pitching this program and university like never before. Then it goes to the weight room. Then to Spring Ball. Then on to next season, culminating finally in the Rose Bowl next year.

EVERY WAKING MOMENT between now and kickoff at the Rose Bowl 365 days from now, the focus needs to be KICKING SCs ASS!

Well we have 370 days more to go but everyone here should get the point.

We will find out about our bowl outlook very soon. I am not all that anxious to figure it out. If someone wants to do it, go for it. If we get into one, I hope our guys can do everything they can to take advantage of those two weeks of practices and send of kids like ATV, Carter and Brian Price (after all the heartbreaks he has been through in his life he more than anyone deserves a great life thanks to the financial security in the NFL) off to a great note.

Rest of the Bruin athletes, students, alums and fans, we all need to ready for next season. We have 370 days. We need to make sure those images like the one above in closing mins is burnt into our collective Bruin conscious for rest of our lives.