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UCLA Loses To Long Beach State, Completes One Of The Ugliest Weekend In Bruin Athletics

The picture kind of tells the story I guess. I didn't get to see the game I don't see the box score up either on ESPN or on There is nothing on our official site. So it will probably take a while to get the AP recap I guess.

Well the score board on top of BN says UCLA lost to Long Beach State by a score of 79-68. I believe prior to this afternoon we were something like 11-0 against the Forty Niners. So yeah, uhm this is little beyond ugly. I appreciate the accomplishments of our water polo team or our women's soccer team (although I am sure the men's soccer team will find a way to choke this season too). However, with all due respect to them, those scores don't make up for what has been probably the ugliest weekend in UCLA athletics in last 20+ years. I have been a Bruin hard core since the late 80s, and I don't recall anything like this.

I mean what can I really say to the unbelievable score of UCLA losing to Long Beach State for the first time in the history of Bruin basketball. Something is rotten in the world of Ben Ball and I hope Coach Howland is aware of it. For now without having watched our last two games, I am simply not in any kind of position to offer reflections and commentary. Just not productive on my part to offer crticisms by reading box scores. So, I will leave it up to others to chime in with their game observations and analysis if they care.

Meanwhile, guess I will have to wait till the Kansas game to find out a little more on what is going on with our young team. Can't say I am really looking forward to it.