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BN Basketball Podcast Season Preview Open Thread

It's time for the very first BN basketball podcast. At 6 pm PST I will be joined by bruinhoo as we preview our 2009-2010 UCLA Bruins. Headed by Ben Howland, the UCLA basketball program will always have high aspirations, but with nine of 12 scholarship players either freshmen or sophomores, there will be some issues. How will the season play out? What should you keep an eye on? What's the best case scenario for the Bruins and what is the worst case scenario? Also, where do some of the Pac-10's other teams stand and where do the Bruins fit in there? We'll also take some of your calls so follow these directions and share your thoughts or pose your questions.

1) Call (724) 444-7444

2) Enter the Call ID 68618 and press # afterward

3) When asked for your PIN, press 1#

4) Talk to us!

So tune in and listen to us. You can click play in the box above to listen live or if you can't make it live, you can still listen by clicking play in the box above or by heading over to iTunes. Use this as your open thread to share your thoughts, pose some questions and give us some feedback. if you've got some ideas to share or questions, call on in. It's time for the first BN basketball podcast.