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[UPDATE] The OC Register Stays Mum On Why It Advanced Bogus Attacks On Rick Neuheisel

UPDATE (N): The OC Register has finally removed the link to Maya's bogus post from its UCLA section. However, as of right now they have not posted any kind of update. There has been noting new on either their "UCLA blog" or in Maya's bogus post or in their "UCLA section" indicating how their reporter and editor completely screwed up. If these guys don't come forward and admit they screwed up we can reasonably question whether they had an agenda in advancing the attacks on UCLA's coaching staff. GO BRUINS. - N

The bogus attacks on Rick Neuhiesel, published by OC Register's "UCLA Beat Reporter" - Adam Maya (a Trojan alum) - is now running on USA Today. It was also referenced by Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times without noting that Theriot has come forward claiming his comments were bogus.

The right thing for Adam Maya to do here would have been (at the very least) post an update on the"UCLA blog" and for the OC Register to not highlight the bogus attacks on Rick Neuheisel that are spreading through the traditional media.

Yet to date Adam Maya hasn't issued any correction on the "UCLA blog." Unbelievably, the OC Register is still featuring the bogus attacks on Neuheisel in their "UCLA section":


It appears not only these guys don't have any sense of journalistic responsibility, they also have no shame.