Adam Maya/OC Register In CYA Mode: Fails To Take Responsibility, Attacks Player's Parent

So after staying mum for almost three days about why he advanced bogus attacks on UCLA Head Coach Rick Neuheisel, Adam Maya (the Trojan alum posing as a "UCLA beat reporter" for the OC Register) finally followed up on his garbage story.

First, he didn't take any responsibility for his completely failing on his job by not following up with Brian Theriot to verify that he had indeed posted disparaging comments about Rick Neuheisel. Then instead of issuing a contrite apology on how he just dropped the ball he posted a "Q&A" with Brian Theriot which frankly comes across as an attack on Theriot so that Maya could CHOA. Here is a sampling of Maya's "hard hitting" questions (again no link for his garbage blog post):

Maya: There were multiple posts on your Facebook page attacking the program, beginning Saturday night and continuing through Monday morning. In-between there were multiple posts on Brett Favre and Halloween photos, which have not been removed. If you posted those, you would have seen the comments from Saturday night, which were still on your page as of Monday. Are those your posts from Sunday?
Theriot: "I’m a big Brett Favre fan. My last post I think was about 5:20 p.m., Sunday."

Maya: Right. And the posts attacking the program came before and after that. The first ones were from Saturday evening, shortly after the UCLA-Oregon State game. The others came on Monday morning. You’ve admitted you posted Sunday. So if someone else wrote these posts on Monday, what about the posts from Saturday?
Theriot: "Those aren’t me. I don’t attack the program. I’ll be honest with you, do I disagree with the use of my son? Yes, but that’s irrelevant. That’s no reason to attack the problem. In the midst of all this (on Monday), I was communicating with Bob Field, the associate athletic director, about the situation with my son."

So let's get this right. Here is a "reporter" who first pursued a dumb non story about a player's parent being concerned about his son's playing time. In his pursuit he posted comments from a facebook wall without actually verifiying that they did belong to that player's parent and so that he could push the storyline of how Neuheisel might have been losing control of the program. Now after being exposed that he didn't exercise any kind of basic jouranlistc ethics by actually verifying the quotes he goes on a CYA mode attacking the player's parent and without issuing any kind of apology.

Seriously who knows what Theriot actually did. At this point that's not the story. The story here is now is that we have a reporter, who appears to have gotten exposed for pursuing a total hit job against the football head coach of his alma mater's bitter cross town rival, and he is now desperately trying to weasel out of it.

Simply disgusting. Maya is obviously a joke. The bigger joke right now is the OC Register who apparently has no regard whatsover for basic journalism in their sports section. Pathetic.


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