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BN Gameday: Washington Pre-Game Thread

<em>Photo Credit: Telemachus</em>
Photo Credit: Telemachus

We have about two hours to go till the kickoff of our home coming game. I can't wait to see our guys come out in those old school jersey from the Beban era. For those of you who are headed down to the Rose Bowl (or are already there tailgating away) make sure to take enough pictures to share with rest of us here on BN.

Meanwhile, there are some pretty decent games to keep track of until we get to our game thread. Top-5 Iowa is struggling against Northwestern early on. Although that's been a habit for Iowa this entire season. We will see if they finally get burned today for playing with fire especially since comeback specialist Ricky Stanzi left the game with an injury in the first half. Texas is sleep walking bit against Central Florida. Full scoreboard here.

Again if you want to play in our guessing game, don't forget to get your entries in here. It will close when we post our own game thread. Have fun.