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BN Gameday: Washington Second Half Thread

<em>Paging Chuck Bullough. We need some pressure. Photo Credit: Telemachus</em>
Paging Chuck Bullough. We need some pressure. Photo Credit: Telemachus

Bruins are down by a score of 14-16.

Let's get the bad news out of the way. Bruin defense once again looked atrocious to start the game. Chuck Bullough stayed with his horrid base 4-3 scheme which had our guys back peddling most of the half. Except for some blitzes here and there (that actually had some results) the defensed looked unsure, tentative, and somewhat confused like it has in recent weeks.

Also, our seniors have cost us in the first half with turnovers and stupid mistakes (Austin and Paulsen). We all have to hold our breath night to find out what is the latest with Kevin Prince who went down after taking a vicious headshot in a good liking drive. Hopefully Prince is all right and come back to start the second.

That brings us to good news. Before he went down Prince (except for one bad throw) looked absolutely fantastic. He was in total command of our offense spraying passes all over the field. He complete 13 of 17 passes for 212 yards and a sweet TD on 4th and goal. Also, Rosario looks solid with 4 catches and 60 yards. Milton Knox was in for couple of plays in which he looked pretty solid. That included a great run from Wildcat formation. Full box score here.

We can win this game. Washington is up by 2 points but they got 6 of them due to our dumb mistakes. Our seniors and the entire team needs to get it together in the second to end the streak right here. Let's get this done.