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Keep (Bowl) Hope Alive: Resilient UCLA Beats Washington In A Heart Pounding Win

Well it's over. The head scratching, heart breaking, suffocating, and frustrating losing streak is over. Bruins, thanks to a heart stopping interception from Rahim Moore (aided in part by Sheldon Price's great effort) pulled out a huge win over Washington Huskies, and kept their post-season hopes alive.

Bruins win by a score of 24-23. Here is the box score. Lot of things didn't go our way today. We turned the ball over 5 times. We lost our starting QB (who was on fire until he went out) to an injury in the first half. Our bend don't break defense looked as if it was going to break our hearts again. However, our boys just kept fighting and clawing throughout the whole game and got us a huge win.

Rahim Moore clinched the game. Terrence Austin had the spectacular TD catch which gave us life in the second half. Okay it is debatable whether it was a catch but prior to that play we got screwed in Franklin's fumble call, which led to a Husky TD. So they can't really complain. However, the game ball today IMHO goes to the Bruin OL, that did a spectacular job of providing both of our QBs time, who picked apart the Husky defense for 370 passing yards.

Of course we still have lot of issues with our team. While Terrence Austin had some great catches he cost us with a fumble. We also suffered from some really dumb penalties, which included costly mistakes from seniors such as Logal Paulsen. Still what I really like is how our boys haven't quit. They keep fighting and fighting. They are resilience and that speaks volumes in terms how they feel about CRN's leadership at UCLA.

Let's hope Kevin Prince is all right. He was being treated for concussion like syndrome after that hit. He looked ok in the sidelines and seemed completely plugged into the game. Let's hope he can come back. Meanwhile, despite couple of tough throws and bad snap, I though Craft did a great job of managing the game. Other notable mentions from today are Nelson Rosario, Derick Coleman, Milton Knox, Brian Price and Akeem Ayers. Rosario has now emerged as the go to guy among our receiving corps. Coleman was just solid and Knox showed how he can be a special player. On the defensive side Price and Ayers did their part in making Locker uncomfortable.

We will have lot more reflecting on this game. Hopefully we can build on the resiliencey we showed today (and actually through the whole season) and get a different kind of streak going for rest of this season. Oh, a quick note to the coaching staff. Those jerseys and gold heldmets are pretty freaking sweet. Can we stick with them for rest of the season?

Fire away with your post game thoughts (and use the fanposts if you want to throw up extensive reflections and analysis). Let's get the homecoming party started.