More photos from the UCLA vs U-dub game.

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

Telemachus already shared his great photoset from Saturday's game.  I'd definitely recommend checking that out if you haven't already.  I was on the opposite end of the stadium as he was, so I've got some shots from a different perspective.  Unfortunately, my view was obscured for the three biggest plays of the game (Helmet-to-helmet on Prince, Austin's td, and Moore's int) by either the fans in front of me or players on the sidelines.  I guess the only solution is that next game, I need to get front row seats.  Either that, or it's time for BN to utilize their SBN and AOL affiliations and start getting some media passes! 

Anyway, here's a sample of my shots from the day.

Gary Beban was the honorary captain of the game. I think he provided the offense with a lil' extra mojo: beban

The defense, as usual, was led by Brian Price and Rahim Moore: price_sideline

Early in the game, it was Kevin Prince to Nelson Rosario. This is becoming quite a nice combo.


A good sign that Prince is becoming comfortable with the offense: an audible!


Another good sign: spreading the ball around. This time, Prince finds Cory Harkey for an early touchdown


JetSki's first fumble of the game. This is becoming a bad habit. (I love the reactions of a few of the dance team members on this one.)


With Franklin's fumbles, it became running back by committee (tho Christian Ramirez was not invited to be a member of the committee). Here's Derrick Coleman finding some room to run.


Milton Knox got some carries and the offense got some variety with the Wildcat! (And look at the opposing DB respecting Kevin Craft's speed at wideout!)


For those who couldn't make the game, here's a little flavor of the sidelines:




#18 is a freshman linebacker. He's already learning that your eyes have to be everywhere:


Kevin Prince was a bit groggy after taking a helmet to helmet hit:


But a few minutes later, he let the fans know that he was doing ok:


While the defense was maligned early, eventually they started swarming to the ball:


Reggie Carter gets to Locker:


For some reason Wash abandoned the rush, and Locker found himself under a lot of pressure:






Here's the beginning of Austin's great catch. I didn't get the end b/c everyone in front of me started jumping up and down. Hopefully one of those 9 photographers in this frame stayed with the shot.


Another photograph that got away. The UCLA helmet belongs to Rahim Moore, who had just made the game winning interception. I'm only including this shot b/c I think it's funny that the police officer is cheering. I didn't know they were allowed to do that!


After the int, Rahim Moore gives thanks:


Rick Neuheisel finally gets a chance to give a victory speech again.


One sidenote to the speech. A lot of Washington fans stuck around in the stadium just so they could boo Coach Neuheisel when he stepped up to the podium. And their voices were heard pretty loudly. Whether it's misguided or not, I admire their passion. I wish our fans would do the same anytime that Lavin announces one of our games. (I'm not saying that Neuheisel equals Lavin- only that I wish the fan response was similar.)

So that's what a victory looked like from my seats. I sure wouldn't mind seeing a few more of them.

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