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Update On Kevin Prince

Chris Foster from the LA Times is reporting that Kevin Prince has a "mild shoulder separation":

Prince was injured while scrambling; he was tackled by USC’s Everson Griffen and landed on his right shoulder. An MRI Monday revealed the extent of the injury.

The usual recovery time from a Grade 1 AC sprain is three to six weeks.

This is Prince’s third injury this season. He suffered a fractured jaw against Tennessee the second week of the season and missed three games. He also missed the second half against Washington because of a concussion.

The Bruins sill have hopes of reaching a bowl game, which may have been enhanced by Notre Dame players voting against playing in a game. Prince's availability for a game would be questionable.

Obviously, lot of folks are wondering why did he go back into the game after he was initially hurt. Here is what Jon Gold reported on that front:

UCLA redshirt freshman quarterback Kevin Prince begged Neuheisel to re-enter the game after a big third-quarter hit on a 5-yard run resulted in a slight shoulder sprain.

Neuheisel acquiesced, Prince went back in the game for the next drive and he threw an interception.

"He just told me he didn't mean to hurt the team," Neuheisel said of his postgame conversation with his quarterback. "He's a great kid and he's had a great learning experience, and he's going to be a big-time player."

Well, it is going to be interesting if we do get invited to a bowl game. Few weeks ago I would be firmly in the camp of coaches making sure Richard Brehaut gets enough "meaningful" snaps in the game. However, after what I have seen from Brehaut this season (specifically in the Washington game when he had his best shot), I am not exactly sure and actually more leaning to argument Ryan and ucla13_usc9 have been making all along about how Brehaut has simply not been ready this season.

Perhaps Chow and Neuheisel will give Brehaut a shot to compete for time in the bowl game during practices lead up to it. However, I am comfortable if they go with the decision of giving Kevin Craft the first shot and then see what happens from thereon out. I know it's not the optimum scenario we are dealing with but I trust Chow and Neuheisel's collective judgment when it comes to deciding our starting QB.