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[UPDATE x2] Ben Howland's UCLA Parts Ways With Drew Gordon (Talented But Hotheaded Forward)

Hey guys, our week just got even better!

Uhm, well this story is just, uh BREAKING (not behind a subscription firewall):

Drew Gordon, the sophomore post player, is no longer a member of the UCLA basketball team and will transfer, according to UCLA.

Coach Ben Howland discussed it today at his weekly press conference.

After several discussions with Drew, we both have decided that it is in the best interest of our program and Drew that he continues his career at another school," Howland said. "He is no longer a member of our team and will transfer at the end of the quarter.

"This is not a spur of the moment decision and, ultimately, it's what's best for both parties."

That was on BRO. Looks like the story is also up on (via The Newbster).

Drew Gordon, stat wise has been the best player on this team. However, he has had issues controlling his temper and showboating a little too much on the court. Plus, it struck me as weird how he was taking 3 pointers with lots of time left on the clock in back to back games, when it was clear he wasn't doing it within the flow of our offense.

Either way there is not much information out there right now on this big news. We will be posting updates as they are available below the fold.

I tend to be on the optimist side when it comes to Ben Howland. So my gut reaction right now is that I am hoping this is a stark signal from Coach Ben Howland that this was about sending a clear signal re. who is in control at UCLA.


UPDATE (N): Per the LAT, Gordon's departure means more mins for RN:

Freshman Reeves Nelson will fill some of the gap created by Gordon's departure.

"He has a lot to learn and he knows this," Howland said. "This is going to increase his playing time dramatically."

I like the sound of that. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE II (N): WWL's Andy Katz has more on this story which includes the following key graph (emphasis added):

According to a source with direct knowledge of the situation, Gordon's conduct was detrimental to the team. He was not viewed as having positive energy in the locker room. Yet, during last weekend's 76 Classic in Anaheim, the UCLA staff said Gordon had to be the focal point offensively in the post.

HT to qazplm3. Katz also adds that Gordon could be headed to San Diego State and that he "would likely fall to a Mountain West destination unless a WCC school is willing to take a gamble on him." GO BRUINS.