[Update] Ben Ball Roundup: Injury Updates & A Quick Bulldogs Note

Not a lot of news around our hoops team as everyone is busy finishing up finals week (and sneaking in couple of practices). I believe the team is going to head over to Anaheim this evening for tomorrow's game. Some pretty good news on Reeves Nelson. Sounds like he is ready to go for tomorrow (with goggles?!). This was posted on Wed evening in the LAT:

Starting center Reeves Nelson returned to practice this evening, albeit with goggles protecting his injured right eye. [...]

On Wednesday, he was able to make it through all of practice, full contact, and is expected to play against Mississippi State in the John R. Wooden Classic on Saturday.

Also, on the injury front there was a little bit of scare early this week about an injury to future Bruin Josh Smith. Per the LAT, it sounds like Smith is going to be all right:

No surgery or anything like that," his father said this morning. "He's going to wear a brace for a while."

Smith got hurt in a Kentwood High game earlier this week and it was reported that he may have a partially torn patellar tendon. His father characterized the injury as "more like a bruise."

That is solid news. Hope Josh fully heals up soon.

Also, not sure if you saw the Bulldogs crush Blue Demons last night by 31 points. They were once again scorching from the 3 point line. Well they started out hot in the first half before settling for 12 made out of 29 points (they had connected for a school record 16 3 pointers in their previous game). So, in other words, doubt we are going to see Howland playing zone tomorrow afternoon.


UPDATE (N): Per the Seattle Times Josh Smith is going to get his knee injury re-examined by the doctors again:

Kentwood coach Michael Angelidis originally reported that the injury was a partially torn patellar tendon, but Smith's mother did not confirm that in a phone call Thursday.

"I don't want to speculate," Tracey Smith said. "It's being evaluated. ... He doesn't need surgery. It's not an ACL."

Angelidis said Thursday that he expects Smith to be out "about a week," and that the knee would be re-evaluated by a doctor next week. But Tracey Smith later said she got her son an appointment for Friday. She would not comment on his possible return.

"I have no idea," she said.

Guess, we will have to stay tuned. GO BRUINS.

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