Just How Mediocre UCLA Became Under Karl Dorrell?

Remember how the LAT took a cheap shot against UCLA about how our team finished 6-6, despite having 3 players named in the Walter Camp All American team? As mentioned on the home page, obviously a snark attack like that doesn't take into consideration, how the talent level in UCLA football was thoroughly gutted under the incompetent leadership of Karl Dorrell. published All-Decade standings for Pac-10 football programs (not counting the upcoming bowl game). It doesn't reflect too well on UCLA:

Pac-10 All-Decade standings

Team Conf. W-L Overall W-L Bowls BCS NFL picks 1st-round
USC 64-20 101-25 9 7 61 15
Oregon 57-27 87-37 9 2 34 3
Oregon State 51-33 80-44 8 1 28 2
Cal 43-41 71-52 7 0 35 7
UCLA 41-43 66-57 7 0 25 3
Arizona State 37-47 65-58 6 0 32 5
Washington State 33-51 57-63 3 1 17 1
Stanford 33-51 47-68 2 0 30 1
Washington 31-53 49-71 3 1 19 2
Arizona 30-54 47-67 2 0 21 2

Taking a look at that couple of factors jump at me right away:

Anyway, the record posted by UCLA in this past decade is clearly not acceptable. It is the reason why we brought in Rick Neuheisel. We think he has us on the right direction as he is bringing in more talent via the recruiting pipeline, and has the team move forward in terms of the number in W-L column. I think it is imperative for Neuheisel to build on this season's record and win 1-3 more games next season, with another solid recruiting class. That way we will be set up to make a serious run the following season, and have the foundation set for UCLA level of success (producing our share of NFL talents, regularly competing for Pac-10 titles) for years to come.


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