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Spaulding Roundup: Eye On Philadelphia & Other Team Notes

Our coaches and players are going to be glued to their TV sets this morning. The Army-Navy game is going to tip off around 11:30 am PST on CBS. We all know what CRN and his players will be doing during that time. Interestingly though CRN had practices scheduled for yesterday and today but canceled it due to weather. From the Daily News:

After originally scheduling practices for Friday afternoon and this morning, UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel took a look outside and changed his mind.

Both practices were cancelled, and while the team will meet for lunch today and to watch the Navy-Army battle that will determine their bowl scenario - a Midshipmen win puts the Bruins in the EagleBank Bowl against Temple on Dec. 29 in Washington; a Black Knights win means no UCLA bowl. If the Bruins are indeed bowl-bound, they'll practice on Sunday afternoon for the first time in more than two weeks.

"The weather was the primary reason (for cancelling practice)," Neuheisel said. "What we were going to get done today didn't match the risk of somebody getting hurt. I thought it wise to go ahead and see how the game plays out tomorrow."

I kind of understand that. However, if Navy gets by Army today, I hope CRN doesn't cancel any more practices because of a little weather condition in Westwood. After all it was in the teens here in DC last night. We are expecting cold rain tomorrow morning (possibly turning into sleet/snow). So uhm yeah, if we do get into this bowl game, we can't afford cancel practices because our players might not be tough enough for the legendary winter weather storms we are so used to in Westwood. ;-) Couple of quick extra notes after the jump.

Looks like Kevin Prince might be ready to go by the bowl game after all:

"He's getting better, and these days will help him," Neuheisel said. "I'm told that he should be at full strength somewhere at midweek. There's reason for optimism with regard to that."

Oh and remember all the nonsense about Chow possibily being interested in San Jose State or about his relationship with CRN. Here is a little snipet on what Chow has been up to in recent days (emphasis added):

Neuheisel and most of the coaching staff was on recruiting trips last week, before returning Friday, and now they might have to adjust to refocusing on 2009 once again. Offensive coordinator Norm Chow had a particularly important in-home visit with coveted defensive tackle Ricky Heimuli out of Salt Lake City, rated the No. 6 defensive tackle by "This is the pinnacle of wearing multiple hats," Neuheisel said. "This is multi-tasking in an advanced way. The only thing that takes a backseat is Christmas shopping. That's the one thing I haven't got mastered."

Boy, Chow must really hate working with CRN. That is why he is busting his rear end on the recruiting trail. rofl.

Anyway, the Army-Navy game will kickoff around 11:30 am PST. We will have an open thread taking in that action leading up to the game thread for our basketball game. A busy day on BN. Enjou your Sat.