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Special Saturday Open Thread: Go Navy

Don't need to say much to get this thread started. We support and admire all of our incredibly brave men and women serving our country through our arm forces. However, just for three hours this afternoon the entire Bruin Nation is going to get behind Navy. The kickoff is scheduled for 11:30 am PST at Lincoln Financial Field, in Philadelphia. It will be broadcast live on CBS. You can keep track of the score via WWL here.

If you want to get a full flavor of the game you can also check out the official site built for this game over here. BTW don't forget our basketball game is scheduled for tip off around 1:40 pm PST. We will of course have a game thread all cued up for that which will go up around 1:30 pm PST. We will just continue this game thread into our hoops one once that is up.

So let's get this going. Anchors aweigh.