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Neuheisel & His UCLA Bruins Are Heading To DC

Well we are not going to let everyone get depressed over hoops because we do have some great news to celebrate on the football front. Thanks to Navy Midshipmen who fought off a valiant challenge from Army's Black Knights, the Bruins are going bowling in Rick Neuheisel's second year in Westwood. The final score was 17-3 in favor of Navy. The Middies fell behind in the first half by a score of 0-3, but made their move in the second to lock up their 8th straight win in this legendary rivalry, and send the Bruins to Nation's Capital.

This means the Bruins are heading to Washington D.C. (btw it is cold and frigid out here so better pack all of your warm clothes) later this month to take on Temple Owls in the 2009 EagleBank bowl. For those who are looking to get tickets for the game, here is all the information from the officials site. Later this week, I might put up an open thread where yours truly and others from the DC area can answer any questions folks might have about where to have a great time in this fun town.

I am going to try everything to make it to this game. Going up against Al Golden coached Temple Owls is not going to be easy. Golden has built a program which is surging in the East Coast, and has himself as positioned as one of the hottest commodities in the coaching circles. Our entire team will need to be ready to take on a well prepared, coached and fired up Owls team playing in their back yard.

We will of course have lot more on this game. For now though congrats to Jerzy and all our seniors, who will get to come out in UCLA uniform one more time, and hopefully end their career with a momentum building victory.