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Dear Coach Neuheisel: Start Kevin Craft In Washington DC

Let me repeat the line from the LA Times posted in the updated section of my last post concerning the latest debacle involving the joke that is UCLA football:

Not all players seemed on board with the plan. Asked if he was aware of the plan, senior quarterback Kevin Craft said, "no," tersely. Senior tight end Logan Paulsen declined to comment.

If Rick Neuheisel is really committed to cleaning up the culture of mediocrity, laziness that has turned the Bruin football program into the laughing stock of all of college basketball, he needs to do lot more than share sweet, sugary sound bites in the traditional press.

He made a commitment to changing this culture and so far based on his words and actions from today, it is not looking good. If he wants to send a message regarding accountability, he needs to do lot more than sounding like Steve Lavin about how he was "pleased" with "leadership" and waxing poetic about Kenny Easley. Unless the seniors issue an apology on behalf of the entire program, they shouldn't be dressing up for the bowl game.

If Kevin Craft, indeed objected to this shenanigans from today, he should get the start over Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut during this bowl game.If the bowl games are supposed to opportunities for teachable moments, well Rick Neuheisel is not going to get a better opportunity than this. He should start Craft and set an example for the underclassmen about how he will no longer tolerate the culture of laziness and mediocrity that were factors in the current batch of seniors leaving with a losing record including a pathetic 1-3 record against the Trojans from Southern Cal.

Like I said, we will be watching closely. So far today, his words has been just as disappointing and discouraging as the ones committed by the clueless players in his joke of a football team.