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It's a Podcast Night (Wed. 6 pm PST)

Just as was the case the last two weeks, tomorrow night will be a BruinsNation podcast night. The night will kick off at 6 pm PST when we'll have the football podcast and a bowl game podcast at that. UCLA is heading to the EagleBank Bowl in Washington DC, giving the East Coast Bruins their chance to check out Rick Neuheisel's team, but it won't be easy for the blue and gold. In addition to having to deal with the cold and wet conditions, the Bruins will face a tough Temple squad and this podcast will give you your first look at the Temple team that looms on the Bruins' schedule. There is also plenty of drama facing the program as the last week has been a rough one so we'll take a look into that as well, while also debating the pro-style offense vs. the spread offense. We will take calls and any questions you want to submit via tomorrow's open thread that will go up so check in and let us know your thoughts and questions.

After the football podcast, we'll dive into basketball with a 7 pm PST hoops podcast that will review the Bruins' loss to Notre Dame and their win over Colorado St. What did the Bruins learn from their first true road game and how did that translate to the win over the Rams? It's the last week of non-conference play so we'll evaluate the team to this point and take a look at the last non-conference game of the season versus Delaware St. on Sunday. As with the football podcast, we'll take calls and questions from the open thread.