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Is Pete Carroll At War With Mike Garrett (In A "Dirty" & "Crumbling" Trojan Program)?

Seems like it is every man for himself over at Southern Cal. That's the read I get from TJ Simers column today in the LA Times, which seems like nothing more than planted shots at Mike Garrett from Chetey Petey. Simers becomes yet another columnist from the Trojan Times which shows sympathy for poor Petey, completely overlooking his role as the head coach of a corrupt football program by going after his boss Mike Garrett. Get this. Simers paints Chetey as a "victim" just like - wait for it, wait for it - Timmeh! (HT EJBruin):

Every time I run into the USC athletic director he takes off running, only now beginning to understand why -- obviously the administrator in training for the next controversy to plague his athletic department.

Former USC basketball coach Tim Floyd told The Times recently Garrett abandoned him when Floyd had his problems.

"Mike's reputation took precedence," Floyd said. "All loyalty, all support stopped."

Here we go again, Pete Carroll now on the spot, the perception nationally the Trojans' football program is out of control, if not in need of an NCAA spanking, and Garrett is nowhere to be found to assist the guy who saved his career.

So all mighty Petey needs an "assist" from Mike Garrett? I wonder who is giving Simers this idea?

Simers does paint quiet a picture though of a "crumbling" Trojan program:

Seven years ago this week, the toughest question facing Carroll and his No. 5-ranked Trojans was why had they all welcomed O.J. Simpson to an Orange Bowl practice.

That was considered a controversy, Carroll taking some heat after saying, "It's great to see O.J. come out," the Trojans hugging Simpson and many asking for his autograph.

Here's how things have changed: Everyone wants to know whether McKnight will ever again be welcomed to a USC practice, the unranked Trojans preparing for the Nut Bowl, practicing at City College of San Francisco where Simpson played, but -- in what might be considered the only sign of progress of late -- honoring Simpson's memory with a tour of Alcatraz.

And ultimately puts the onus on both Garrett and Chetey:

Each question adds to the suspicion that USC football is dirty, crumbling or has lost its focus.

A school with an athletic director, who has a spokesman read a statement to the media while sitting a few feet away, does nothing but introduce Mickey Mouse behavior into the discussion.

The nature of the sports fan makes it very simple, more expected of Carroll now after giving everyone everything they could want the last seven years. It's on him.

However, Simers doesn't admit how it was him and rest of the traditional media all those years who kept looking away, when one allegation after another was piling up. Now it looks like while Simers is trying to make up for lost time, he is also pointing to something nastier going on inside Heritage Hall: an all out civil war within the dirty, out of control, and the most morally corrupt program in recent history of college athletic. If there is karma, this should be only the beginning.