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Discouraging Signs Of Reggie Carter's "Leadership"

Let's see after Reggie Carter talking a big game during spring about not letting the team go over the wall, the team went over the wall during this bowl practice week. Then we found out how he was being eligible to practice after having to sit out couple of practices for not taking care his schoolwork. Now we have more drama involving Reggie as apparently he is not to keen on participating during "tackling drills" in practice:

UCLA defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough became angry at Reggie Carter during the opening minutes of Tuesday's practice and ordered the senior linebacker off the field.

Bullough was mad because Carter was not participating in a tackling drill.

Carter did not leave the field as ordered. He remained on the sideline for the duration of the two-hour practice session but did not participate.

A MLB who wasn't interested in "tackling" drills. This in a UCLA football program which has been the laughing stock of college football (while making millions for future NFL running backs) for it's legendary "tackling." Okay then. There is an explanation. From the LA Times:

"It was over a tackling drill," Neuheisel said. "Reggie is trying to get over a sore knee. Chuck thought he could do the drill. They had a disagreement, so Chuck excused him."

Bullough and Carter talked after practice.

We don't really know what took place. However, the story raises few red flags. If Reggie thinks he is too hurt to take part in "tackling" drills than why should he play in the game? Also, given what we have been hearing and reading from last few days, I get the impression Reggie rather be anywhere else than Spaulding getting ready for the bowl game. It is never a good sign to have out of focus and non-interested players around practice field but when that player happens to be your senior captain, that seems to be a problem.