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Bruins End Out Of Conference Season On A Winning Note, Take Care Of Delaware State

Just landed in DC a little while ago and logged on here to check out the scoreboard. Well from the scoreboard it looks like the Bruins ended the non-conference season on a winning note by handling Delaware State by a score of 66-49. Here is the box score.

As mentioned I was somewhere above Arizona when Bruins were playing defense inside Pauley. Looks like (again going by the box score here) the Bruins held the Hornets to 35.8% shooting and got on them early to end the first half with a score of 38-19. Also, from the boxscore (hey if you watched the game in person you should pipe in with your own notes) looks like Reeves Nelson was the player of the game, having himself a career high with 21 points, scoring 7 on his 8 FG attempts, while also making 7 of his 10 FT attempts (very nice).

Also, some of the other notes that jump out to me:

  • Bruins once again had a good night from the FT line going 11 for 15
  • Looks like Dragovic either bricked or airballed (you guys can tell me which) all his 3 point attempts, while turning the ball over 4 times. Lane interestingly though made a 3 pointer in what looks like early in the second half. He had 5 points, 2 assists, 3 steals, and 3 blocks in 14 points. Looks very nice to me at least in the statlines.
  • Also looking good on the statlines is Tyler Honeycutt who had 11 points (5 for 7) and 4 boards in 27 mins.
  • Looks like Michael Roll had an off night shooting, while Jerime Anderson had another average night with 6 assists and 6 TOs.

I am not sure how much we can take out of a victory against Delaware State. Then again this season it is somewhat meaningful given the start we have had that we are on 2 game winning streak and have won 3 out of our last 4 games.

If we can somehow play inspired defense this coming week, and hold serve at Pauley, against the Arizona schools to start of the Pac-10 season, things could get very interesting. It's encouraging from the box scores to see the mins given to Lane and Honeycutt. I hope we see more of that from hereon out.

Would really love to hear thoughts from those who were at the game either in the comment thread or even better extended thoughts via the Fanpost. BTW snow is all but melted in DC and it's not really that cold (in the 40s).