Texas Tech Suspends Leach For Its Bowl Game

Another blockbuster news involving a high profile college coach:

Texas Tech has suspended coach Mike Leach from all duties, including coaching the Valero Alamo Bowl, after receiving a complaint from a player and his parents.

"At Texas Tech, all such complaints are considered as serious matters, and as a result, an investigation of the incident is underway," the school said in a release. "The investigation into this matter will continue in a thorough and fair manner."

Defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill has been named interim head coach and will coach the team against Michigan State in the Alamo Bowl.

The school received a complaint from the unnamed player and his parents regarding his treatment by Leach after an undisclosed injury.

Not the first time Leach has been in the middle of an explosive controversy this season.

Of course just like Urban Meyer, took note of this story because Leach has been on our radar before. However, in this case I am becoming more convinced than ever that he would not have been the right fit for UCLA. Note I am not judging Leach and reaching conclusions. I am just making an observation that these events show why many within UCLA thought there would always be a time bomb around Leach at UCLA (of course Neuheisel's detractors can offer the same argument too but given that Neuheisel had to pay his dues professionally for the situation he was entangled up in Washington, he appeared to be a relatively safer bet (and no ... no pun intended there) this time around).

Anyway, closing the loop on Meyer, his story turned out to be really weird. But when I saw his press conference he looked to me as someone who is really struggling and is not sure what to do. It made me appreciate even more how Coach John R. Wooden walked away from his game at the top of the mountain. Anyway, good luck to Texas Tech. They seemed to have a great fan base and I love Double T Nation. I hope it all works for them.


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