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BN Gameday: Bowl Game 2nd Half Open Thread

The defense got off to their usual poor start, but their awful play wasn't confined to the first drive today. The offense hasn't been any better. The offensive line has a great first two drives, giving Kevin Prince time and doing a good job picking up blitzes, but they've made Prince a tackling dummy ever since. It doesn't help that Prince has been missing guys even when given time though and some receivers have been dropping the ball...Rosario.

I don't think anyone has been impressed with this Bruins team in any facet of the game. Actually, Locke has put two kicks in the end zone and Forbath, Mr. Lou Groza, has nailed his extra point and field goal so our kicking game has been impressive. If the rest of the team can take a page out of Locke and Forbath's book we'll have a chance. For as bad as the Bruins have looked, 11 down at half time isn't too bad. It's a long ways back, but the Bruins are within striking distance. UCLA will get the ball to start the second half and maybe they'll be able to pull a complete 180 in the second frame.