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Bruins Nation is on Facebook (again)

Those readers of this site that pay close attention to the site's sidebars may have noticed a new link on the 'about us' section this morning. Our big news? Bruins Nation is on Facebook. Long time readers of BN may recall that we once had a presence on Facebook, at a time when both Facebook and this site were younger and less expansive than they now are. We have decided that the time is right to expand our social networking reach (don't forget to follow BN on Twitter), and jump back into the Facebook fray.

Nestor's post on the goals of our first foray into Facebook remains relevant today.

I thought creating an account on Facebook could be beneficial for few reasons. I am really trying to figure out how we can get more and more students on campus plugged into Bruins Nation, and get them thinking about UCLA sports, specifically hoops, football, and other UCLA sports, the same way we think and discuss about them here on BN. Perhaps creating an account on Facebook will help that goal? So for those of you who frequent BN, would you guys be kind enough to facebook BN?

The goal of our Facebook page is to complement this site's coverage of the Bruins, further expand our reach into the intertubes, and hopefully get some more people interested in and involved with UCLA athletics, whether in Westwood or beyond. In that vein, please don't get annoyed if you recieve an invite to the occasional non-revenue game, while if you see a story posted that you think your friends would find interesting, or notice a game that somebody that you know on campus might watch, spread the word.

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