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Our Latest Frontpager On BN

BN Logo
BN Logo

So ladies and gents we have a brand new addition to our crew of frontpagers/moderators on Bruins Nation.

bruinhoo who has been a big part of this community for a while, is joining us as Patroclus. We are particularly excited about P joining us on the homepage because hopefully he will help alleviate the angst of all the BNers from Bay Area, who might think the frontpage has been heavily stacked against them (as Bellerophon has been the only Bay Area Bruin holding the fort for Niners and Warriors on the home page). Now with Patroclus on board, there will be no room for complaining when we once again pimp the Lakers or the Dodgers/Halos during hoops/baseball season. :-)

Patroclus is another recent Bruin alum, who we think will join Tydides and Bellerophon in providing that "young alum" pov on UCLA athletics (rest of us are gradually heading towards "geezer" status). Oh not that we planned this, he is yet another law school graduate on the frontpage.

Anyway, join us in officially welcoming Patroclus on the home page.