The Humanitarian Wants UCLA?

No. Not talking about the classless sleazebag.

Talking about the bowl game in Napoleon Dynamite land. From Ted Miller:

The Boise-based bowl wants UCLA, Humanitarian Bowl executive director Kevin McDonald told the Idaho Statesman this week.

UCLA is 6-6. All teams with winning records must be picked for at-large berths before bowls can consider .500 teams. Without 6-6 Notre Dame in the running, it appears the Bruins would be the first choice among 6-6 teams.

Two potential snags: Wisconsin must beat Hawaii today and Navy must beat Army on on Dec. 12.

Here is the article Ted was referring to (emphasis added):

If Hawaii loses, it appears likely that UCLA will land in Boise. Humanitarian Bowl executive director Kevin McDonald said Friday he will wait until Dec. 12 for the Bruins if he has to. There’s a chance the deal could get messed up if Army beats Navy on that date.

"They are the team we want," McDonald said of the Bruins.

Guess we will have more clarity in this bowl game picture after tonight. My personal preference would be the GMAC bowl, but any bowl game will be beneficial to our program for reasons we have discussed ad nausea here on BN.


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