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Special Saturday Open Thread: UCLA's Bowl Prospects

Well, there is a lot of football games going on today. Pittsburgh-Cincinnati are locked in a huge battle for the Big East championship. Houston (our opponent for next season) is playing an entertaining Conference-USA championship game against East Carolina. Of course Florida-Alabama is coming up in a bit and then later on tonight Wisconsin is taking on Hawaii in a game, that has implications for UCLA. You can check out the full scoreboard from WWL over here.

We need the Badgers to win. Rooting for them will be a weird feeling given our experiences against them at the Rose Bowl (and also at the Sun Bowl). But hey, they have a solid team and some of the best fans in college football (the ones we interacted with before 94 and 98 game were classy and gracious). So yeah, why not. Go Badgers. If you are watching college  football today (its snowing out in the East), here is a special open thread.