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Saturday Overflow Thread: $C* Sucks Edition

Looks like our Saturday open thread was filling up. It was filling up for a very good reason. The Arizona Wildcats wiped off the stupid grin of Matt Barkley's face at an empty looking Mosoleum this afternoon. Despite the nonstop rear-end kissing from the ABC announcers, the Trojies came up short, looking pathetic and clueless with game on the line (guess it's not easy to throw bombs when the game is on the line).

Anyway, we still have more action coming up tonight. Alabama-Florida game is still going on. Cal-UDub game started a little while ago. If Cal wins Trojies stay in 6th place and head to San Diego. If the Huskies win Bears and Trojies tie for 5th, and the Bears head down to San Diego for the Poinsetta Bowl.

Plus we have the Wisconsin game coming up later tonight. So here is another open thread to take in more football rest of this Saturday. Always a good Saturday in BN, when someone wipes of the smirk of the Humanitarian's face. Suck on Trojies.