Starting Bobo as Point-Guard, and other thoughts on saving this season

I think we need a thread to absorb all the brilliant ideas out there on how to fix this sickened basketball season. The more we struggle this season, the more of these ideas we are bound to hear. So I'll get the ball rolling on a few, and maybe some savvy basketball minds can add some of their own, so as not to clog every other thread for the next four months with their ingenuity.

1. Start Bobo at the point. Think, oh think of the matchup problems.

2. Fire Howland, make Bobo player-coach. I don't know about you, but nothing gives me more hope for a player than a cute nickname.

3. Institute a 1-1-1-1-1 zone. Featuring Bobo.

4. Run, run, run. Nothing suits our talent better than a non-stop, 100 mph offense where nobody's two feet can hit the floor at the same time. Bobo would particularly benefit from this, even if he was signaling to the bench on Sunday that he was gassed after two trips around the court. Oxygen tanks at each basket should take care of that.

Step it up, geniuses. Now is not the time to not be stupid.

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