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Center Court: (Arizona) Second Half Thread

There is not much to say.

Ben Howland and his entire team should be ashamed of themselves for the effort they just put forth in the first half.

Arizona Wildcats has come out on fire blasting UCLA out with a score of 49-31.

We look lost and sloppy on offense (turning the ball over IIRC 14 times). Our defense looks slow and lazy. We are getting outhustled and outoughed all over the court.

Most importantly ... we look weak and pathetic ... mentally.

Let's hope DC, JS, AA2 and rest of their team-mates show a modicum of pride and effort in the second half because up until this moment in this game ... they have been an embarrassment. Certainly not worthy of being called "warriors."

Here is to a better second half. Let's hope our guys can come out and fight to make up for this embarrassment. Thread away.