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Sidney To UCLA?

Jeff Goodman from reports:

Renardo Sidney is expected to commit to UCLA on Sunday.

According to two sources close to the situation, the talented 6-foot-9 Fairfax High (Calif.) standout will choose the Bruins at a 4 p.m. PT news conference at his high school.

Sidney is a big-time talent who moved from his home in Mississippi to Los Angeles a couple years ago. His recruitment has been all over the map and several sources have told that he could still ultimately follow Brandon Jennings' path — and opt for the overseas route.

Sidney's father, Renardo Sr., told recently that his son isn't seriously considering bypassing college.

However, Sidney still hasn't taken the SAT or ACT.

USC was in the mix for a while. So, too, were Virginia and Mississippi State. While all signs indicate that Sidney will commit to the Bruins, sources have told that he gave USC a verbal pledge in the past — so anything could still happen.

While Sidney's talent is unquestionable, his effort is not. When the versatile big man wants to play, there's few — if any — in the senior class that can match his ability. ranked him as the No. 5 player in the Class of 2009 and has him at No. 10 in the nation.

At one point not too long ago, he was a near-unanimous pick as the top player in the class.

We wrote a long post on Sidney and Lance Stephenson this past spring so I am not going to rehash our thoughts on him again. You can read that post here.

I think it's interesting that this committment (if the rumor/report is actually true) is coming at a time which would put UCLA over a scholarship limit. It might mean Howland possibly has information on the status of his current roster after the season is over. I don't believe Howland or UCLA would be accepting a commitment by taking a scholarship away from another player. I think Howland would only make that move if he has information that would push him to make such a move ... if we were to get to that point.

I also think it is also interesting that Sideny has not taken the SAT or ACT yet. I am going to assume that if Howland were to accept his commitment he would be doing it with the understanding that Sidney's academics are in order and that he would get the required scores to qualify for UCLA. If and when Sidney qualifies for UCLA academically and gives every indication that he is being totally committed to a UCLA caliber basketball player both on and off the court he would be a huge get for the program. 

Anyway, it's interesting news to say the least and something to keep an eye on. For now let's hope our boys can take care of business against Huskies.