SPTRs and Brockman

I think PAA is glad he's done playing Washington. After last season's ball to the face and a bloody forehead during this season's trip to Seattle, Aboya got away fairly unscathed, getting an elbow to the face, drawing no blood. However, on the play, those wonderful SPTRs decided PAA fouled Brockman with his face. Brockman hooks Aboya with his off arm, throws him down and hits him in the face on the follow-through. The SPTR right on the play apparently had a better angle (or a better imagination).

The SPTRs manage to get a call right, but then don't seem to know what constitutes an intentional / flagrant foul. In the following sequence, Brockman shoves PAA out of the way going for a rebound and I was shocked the SPTR actually called Brockman for the foul. Ah, but late in the game, Brockman throws JH to the floor. Foul, intentional? I guess not. Good thing JH is a level-headed kid. If it was one of the toejam bunch, Brockman would have had to protect the family jewels.

Well, at least there wasn't the 26-point differential in foul-shots-made Washington had over us in the earlier game in Seattle. The SPTRs are making least until our game Saturday against the cougs.

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