Defense of Pac-10 Championship

How about just DEFENSE?

We gave up 82 points to a Wazzu team that was averaging 58.5 points a game for the season. Our defense allowed the Cougs to shoot a blistering 59% (53% 3-pt) compared to their season average of 43% (35% 3-pt). Hey you folks that were grumbling about our terrible offense - you happy about our 81 points today?

Give credit to coach Tony Bennett and fifth-year senior Taylor Rochestie. Coach Bennett seems to have figured out the Bruins defense and Rochestie scorched us for a career-high 33 points, playing all 40 minutes. Playing a lot of minutes doesn't seem to bother Rochestie as he averages 36 minutes a game, and scored 14 of Wazzu's last 15 points down the stretch.

Our team needs to get our focus back and get back to basics.

That's spelled: D-E-F-E-N-S-E.

The following video from the first half shows how poorly we defended against the Cougs, giving up 35 of 42 first-half points on essentially uncontested shots. I imagine CBH will be going over similar video with the team. If we are going to have a deep run in the tournament, we will have to get our defensive mojo back.

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