Defense Part 2

Why am I posting this? I guess losing the last three out of four games is like a scab that keeps bothering me and I have to pick at it . . .

Another video follows of defensive lapses, this time from the second half of Saturday's game. Here are my observations (that many have already made, but made here with empirical evidence):

  • slow movement (or lack of commitment) to the double-team
  • lack of intensity on the double-team
  • slow (or no) rotation to defend the open man
  • a lot of ball watching, resulting in loss of contact with defensive assignments
  • lack of on-ball pressure at the perimeter

Contrast this with the next video of Malcolm Lee defending Klay Thompson, who was held scoreless in the second half after scoring 15 points in the first.

ML maintains contact with Thompson and keeps his head on a swivel to keep track of the ball. He also shows energy to catch up on a defensive switch.

We need this kind of energy from everyone on the floor and for a full 40 minutes. We have to be the aggressor on the defensive side of the ball to put teams on their heels and disrupt their offense. We can do this. We must do this. Defense is all about focus and effort.

Forget about worrying about the regular conference season or conference tournament championship, or seeding in the NCAA tournament. Each game from here on out needs to be about Ben Ball Warrior toughness from each and every player. Leave it all out on the court and the results will take care of themselves.

Go Bruins!

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