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Coach Howland Channels Bruin Nation

Coach Howland states what we have been discussing here for last few days. From Brian Dohn's blog on Daily News:

Howland also talked about the ability of former players like Arron Afflalo, Russell Westbrook and Cedric Bozeman to take it personally when an opponent scored on him.
I asked him if anyone on the roster was doing that this season.
"It's learning to be like that,'' Howland said. "Malcolm (Lee) has that in his future. I think Jrue (Holiday), for a freshman, has done a good job. But the thing is you have to do that every day."

I don't have much to add to this because I have already discussed it over here, and other BNers have been talking about it here, here, and here.

Per the Dohn post linked above, apparently Howland will not tinker with the starting lineup. However, given what we have seen in recent games hopefully he will not hesitate to plug in ML early if he needs to a boost of defensive intensity. ML provides that jolt and right now the whole team would benefit from extra defensive intensity whoever it comes from.

Still, we are fortunate to have a head coach in charge of UCLA basketball who has the exact pulse of the Bruin Nation.