The "Right Kind" of Leadership

Hello y'all.  First time poster, long time reader.

There's been a lot of talk about the leadership of DC, JS and PAA in the past few, and I thought I'd bring up another form of leadership/inspiration from our beloved CRN's program.

Derrick Coleman was featured at the UCLA Bruins Official Athletic Site for visiting Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood, which has a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program.  Here's something about Coleman I didn't know.

Coleman, who was UCLA's second-leading rusher last season as a true freshman, is not like most college football players. A gene defect has resulted in nearly a complete loss of hearing for Coleman, who wears hearing aids during practices and games.

It's pretty obvious that DC2 (?) didn't loss of hearing get in his way.

"My message is that they shouldn't be embarrassed about wearing their hearing aids," Coleman said. "Everyone has different problems but ours can be overcome. Hopefully, listening to my experiences can help them overcome their fears and achieve their goals."

It's amazing how a young kid can be a role model and such.  Let's see TrOJies do anything half as humanitarian as that.

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