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Get Well Soon Coach

From the LA Times (HT to Crispybruin):

John Wooden is recovering from pneumonia, and the 98-year-old basketball coaching great is expected to be released from the hospital soon.

UCLA, the school Wooden coached to 10 national titles, said Friday he was admitted to a Los Angeles-area hospital Feb. 13 and is completing his recovery.

"My father is doing well," said Nan Muehlhausen, Wooden's daughter. "His lungs are clear and he has been eating well. We expect him to be released soon."

His family requested that well-wishers not call or visit so he can get rest.

Wooden, who retired 34 years ago, spent time in the hospital a year ago after breaking his left wrist and collarbone in a fall at his suburban condo.

Get well soon Coach and here is to DC/JS/PAA and rest of the Ben Ball warriors making him feel even better tonight.