Digger = An IDIOT as usual

Did you catch Digger at the end of the halftime show say that Collison and Shipp are going to bring it, but Cal will win the game. Well I guess you were partially right - DC really did "bring it" to Cal in the 2nd half. Digger just keep your fat mouth shut when rooting against UCLA, you just end up looking like a bigger idiot - I'm sure you're still thinking about our dismantling and embarrassing of Notre Dame on national TV. Bob Knight you do provide pretty good analysis (much better that the crew you work with), but let me answer your ? about the difference between the foul from behind on ND leading to the 7 point play and the one at the end of the game on JS (he claimed there was no difference and the one Cal committed on JS was worse) - the difference was ND had a clear path to the basket and the Cal player had no play on the ball, the one fouling JS was around the 3 point line with no path to the basket. I'm not sure i like the intentional foul call, but there was a huge difference in the two plays. Come on Bobby you're smarter than that, you may not agree with the call, but don't use an inappropriate example. Good win, but still concerned about our inconsistent D and high opponent FG %.

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