More MSM Idiocy: Jason King Of Yahoo! Sports Attacks UCLA Freshmen As "Losers"


Wow, I mean just wow. Check the losers section for this loser's take on our team: "UCLA’s 2008 recruiting class – With five players ranked among the nation’s top 50, it was no surprise when declared the Bruins’ haul as the nation’s best. So far, though, the class has done little to contribute. In fact, other than starting guard Jrue Holiday – who has hardly looked like the top-five draft pick that so many people say he will be – UCLA’s freshmen have non-factors. Forward J’Mison Morgan has been labeled as lazy and unmotivated and rarely gets off the bench, point guard Jerime Anderson recently committed five turnovers during a seven-minute span and wing Malcolm Lee hasn’t scored more than six points in a game since Dec. 23. The other freshman, forward Drew Gordon, is averaging just 3.6 points." Aside from the ridiculous expectations that a #1 class must mean instant success, as my fanpost addressed here, he not only fails to notice the significant minutes and defense contributed by our freshmen, but he also manages to insult our players too with no basis in fact. Unbelievable.

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